Waterproofing Solution for Elevated Bridge

Radcon #7 treated in Okuwa Elevated Bridge in Japan

SITE: Okuwa Elevated Bridge
APPLICATOR: Kankyo Biken
CONTRACTOR: Mitsubishi Corporation
YEAR: 2005
SIZE: 1,000 square metres


Mitsubishi Corporation were the Contractors on this impressive piece of engineering. After evaluating Radcon Formula # 7, Mitsubishi decided to use the product as the waterproofing solution to this project.
Radcon is very simple to apply, it remains in the concrete for its entire life, gives increased integrity to the concrete, will not allow pollutants or water to permeate into the sub-structure and is the most environmentally friendly waterproofing material on the market.
Asphalt can be applied at 160° Celsius straight over the treated deck with no damage to the waterproofing, no bond loss and no loss of slip resistance. The engineers loved the fact that no protective toppings had to be laid to protect it.
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Radcon #7 treated in Elevated Bridge Osaka Japan

SITE: Osaka No. 2 Elevated Bridge
APPLICATOR: Kankyo Biken
CONTRACTOR: Shimizu Corporation
YEAR: 2006
SIZE: 400 sq mtrs


Radcon was chosen by Shimizu Corp as the waterproofing to protect this elegant bridge deck close to the city of Osaka.
As it is close to the ocean the designers are aware of not only pollutants but salt and water deteriorating infrastructure. The application of Radcon Formula #7 can dramatically reduce the ingress of these and in doing so will give the bridge a much longer life.
Radcon will never have to be replaced or re-applied, all that is required is one quick application – motorised spray units can usually corer up to 800 square metres and hour. A follow up watering is done within 6 hours and 2 more in the following days.
No protective screeds are required, reducing costs and saving time.


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